People of a Crude Disposition

Berlin is strange place, more so than any other which I have been to in all my years of travel. As there are an abundant amount of nice people so are there many people whom I consider to be the missing link in Humanity, knuckles dragging on hard floors, grunting, and occasionally the beating of the Chest. A metaphore of course yet somehow it holds true in my head and girls/women are not excluded from this. Is it so hard nowdays to be polite and kind, yet be intelligent and strong? To have qualities which make a person what is deemed as balanced (note I do note Believe in the notion of Good nor Evil but use it in a general passing sense), to be mindful of one self.

What vexes me is something very simple, when ever I am with people they will say how "Soft" I am, always helping others, thinking about other people first and their lives as if this is a quality which is not favourable or good. I think very much the opposite and see this quality which I have as yes a potential danger to myself as people can abuse this of me, yet also my best quality and one which I try to (with failure) to encourage in others. Compassion has always been the Only realy rule which in my life I have had, it leads to Empathy and Love, respect for others. The world is full of people that are Sour, and the youth now becomes more like this growing up with the thought that apathy is something that is a must.

I will always believe that Compassion is the way to live this life.

Be good to one another!